Monday, March 31, 2008

The really important stuff....

The last 2 weeks have been pretty much non-stop around here, but there have been some awesome things happening in the Magruder family, so here's the condensed version...

Young Authors
We got a letter notifying us that Sophia was a finalist in the Young Authors contest at the elementary school....what we didn't know was that she won the whole thing!! Her book was chosen out of 120 entries! It's called "It's Not Easy Being Six", and got quite a few laughs as they read it aloud to the entire elementary school. We are SO proud of her!!

We had a great visit from my bro, Ben, Chessa, Sidney, Tyler, and Katelyn. Uncle Pete and Aunt Janet even came to help with the big Egg Hunt and show off their new Iphones (yes, that's plural...and that's what you can purchase if you're an award-winning podcaster and marry an astronaut).

All of the grandparents joined us at church on Sunday for Sarah Jane's BAPTISM!!! Our kids have seen lots of baptisms - - Sarah Jane has been talking about it for a long time, and it just so happened that Easter was when she decided it was time. What an amazing thing to watch your husband baptize your daughter. I love my life!!

Celebration Dinner
The campus ministry we work with has an annual dinner for alumni, parents, and our supporters to come and hear about what God is doing on campus. It's encouraging to hear students talk about how campus ministry has helped them deepen their faith, and see alumni come back year after year to support the ministry and catch up with their friends. Former students getting married, starting families, serving God as teachers, missionaries, state employees, ministers, and secretaries...all of them part of our family!!

I got to sing with my husband at church this of my very favorite things in the world to do. One of the first times I saw Todd, he was singing at the Campus House, and I had dragged my then-boyfriend to church. His voice was so sweet (sorry, that doesn't sound very manly, but...). As we became friends, and I eventually dumped the boyfriend, I always loved hearing him sing, and one day asked him if he would sing at my wedding. He asked who I was marrying...I said I didn't know, but whoever it was, I wanted him to be there to sing. And he did - -he sang to me at our wedding!

Another week begins in the exciting lives of the Magruders...

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Kristin Jarrett said...

Congrats on Sarah Jane's baptism! That is FANTASTIC! Looks like you have had a crazy, but rewarding week! Take care! The Jarretts