Saturday, April 05, 2008


Every year when tax season rolls around, I instinctively begin to feel shame and embarassment...I always wait until the last minute to take our taxes to the kind man who does them for free....all because I don't want him to know that ONCE AGAIN, I haven't done a good job of paying our estimated quarterly taxes. For those of you who have the blessing of NOT being self-employed campus ministers, you may not know that we don't have anyone who withholds taxes or pays part of our social security. We pay it all. In a perfect world, we would do that quarterly, on the days set by the IRS. In Magruder world, we make a few payments they way we're supposed to....and then maybe a partial payment, and a couple of monthly random checks to the IRS to get caught up....and in the end, I always seem to be short.

It's just so hard to set aside that money for the IRS every month when someone needs a new coat or shoes or a root canal or a roof.

So, here we are, the week before taxes are due, and I'm just now collecting my documents...preparing for the walk of shame, into the accountant's office.

Sigh....there's always next year....


Kristin Jarrett said...

It was exciting to get our taxes done this year . . . of course that is what happens when you add another dependent at the end of the year!! WOO-HOO!

Irenic Seeker Mama said...

Next year will be better, Gretchen! Another dependent and an adoption tax credit!!! Woo HOO!!

hang in there,

Canadian Saver said...

Good luck getting them done! I have been self-employed too and it's not easy to figure out all the stuff I'll have to pay when I don't have an employer to do that for me.

Hope you don't have to pay too much!!

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