Saturday, May 03, 2008

why competition makes me feel guilty.....

Last weekend, we had a fun night with college students and friends for a great cause....Jump for Joel, and a trip some of our students are taking to Kenya this summer. Check out this great video my friend, Shana, made after she returned from Kenya last summer here.

We invited some of our friends to join our Trivia Night team and had a blast - - thanks everyone for being such good sports!! I do believe we were robbed of our rightful 3rd place finish...but it was fun anyway.

So what do you do at a silent auction when you and your friends bid on the same items? It was for a good cause, so I didn't mind upping my bids, but the next morning, I was second-guessing myself and wondering if it was a jerky thing to do....depriving my friend of a Pampered Chef Food Chopper, or a Mary Kay gift certificate?? I wondered if I should send out apology cards to my friend, Jenny and Pam and Bill Barris....Maybe we could work out a joint custody agreement for chopping?

I know, I have some people-pleasing issues....but a little Silent Auction ettiquete would be helpful

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jen said...

Funny blog - but really, my guess is as good as yours!