Monday, May 05, 2008

Go Outside

Why is it so much easier for me to see God when the weather is nice? I love Spring - - it's so much easier to focus, to hear Him, to have JOY!!

I wonder if it's because of all of the distractions inside my, blogs, email, laundry, etc. But sitting on my patio, spotting the new plants peeking up through the ground, listening to the birds and the squirrels chattering to eachother, and feeling the breeze on my face...I am amazed by our great God!!

So, head outside....grab a journal or the Psalms, maybe a diet cherry pepsi with pellet ice...and if you need some inspiration, download Robby Seay Band's Go Outside on your ipod!
Go outside
And praise the God who mapped the stars out in the sky
Gather ‘round with those who love and sing
He is our King

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