Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Why Twitter?

I have a friend who's been saying that I have to start Twittering....and I'm wondering why?

Does anybody really care what I do all day? No, I know you all care...I guess the question is, is my life interesting enough?!

My life in Twitter:
6:15 listening to NPR and not wanting to get out of bed
6:30 sitting on the patio
7:38 looking for Sophia's shoes while the bus honks outside
8:00 checking email
9:30 Talking breastfeeding
3:30 practicing spelling words at the table
5:00 what are we gonna have for dinner?
7:00 Girls...do you want a bath or shower?
8:30 Girls, GO BACK TO BED!!!
9:00 on the couch...

See? not very interesting...

Do you use Twitter? What do you love about it? I'm not convinced yet....


Kevin & Laura said...

Gretchen, I am excited to follow your adoption journey! What age are you requesting? We are asking for 0-24 m/o boy. I'm confused, what is twitter?

gretchen lee said...

Laura, we've requested a 3-5 year old girl...you guys are in the midwest, aren't you?

Twitter is kind of the ADHD version of the blog...instead of posting an article every few days, you post a sentence or two several times throughout your day so people know what's going on in your life....

Bradjward said...

I use it primarily for work-related jibber jabber, but also keep in touch with friends who are on there. I like that it's quick and dirty, 140 characters. And I can do it from my phone, browser, IM, etc. It's just fun I guess :)

Here's a good video to sum it up! :)

Bradjward said...

Good articles about uses of twitter:




gretchen lee said...

thanks, brad....some good links! One down side is that I've already been thinking, "this would be so much cooler if I had an iphone or blackberry"....