Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My latest CVS deal

Okay, I'm feeling like I might be getting the hang of this thing....I don't think I made any fatal errors this time, but it wasn't one of those "I only spent $.37 out of pocket!!" transactions....

1 Aussie Conditioner $2.99
$2 ECB

1 Colgate Total $2.99
$2 ECB (so I made .49 on this deal!)

1 Oral B 2pk $6.99
$6.99 ECB (= free!)

Bounty Basic 8-roll $5.49
$10 ECB after spending $20 (not met yet!)

$3 off /$15 purchase coupon from CVS
$9 ECB from previous visit
= $5.46 total out of pocket and received $11 ECB on my receipt to use on my next visit

A couple of things I'm learning
....I need to be strategic about getting to CVS at the right time - today I went looking for Charmin Ultra and they were all sold out. 2 weeks ago I was looking for Honey Nut Cheerios for an amazing deal, and hit 3 different stores throughout the week with no luck. Any pointers from anybody who does this? really is nice to have things "on hand". We loaded up on candy a couple weeks ago when it was on sale and I felt a little wasteful because I wouldn't normally buy that much candy. However, it just so happens that my mom called a few days ago and wanted some candy for a care package, and I had it (and it was a bargain!)


Jonathan said...

Care package? Who does Mom know that she sends care packages to (actually knowing her, it might be in the mail right back to you guys or any number of people she's met.)

We're doing great. Amanda's mom just brought a homemade cape and spiderman ball cap with her. But I think they may be for @ and not Amanda or I.

Michael Peterson said...

OK Gretchen, what is ECB? Thanks.

Gretchen Magruder said...

Hi Mike!!

ECBs are Extra Care Bucks...they print at the bottom of your CVS receipt and you can use them as cash on your next purchase.

For a much better explanation of the CVS Super-Amazing-Deal possibilities, check out

Children's Hope International said...

I have got to say that you have me intrigued and interested in this whole deal!! I'll be checking this out from home. :)

Jennifer N.

Gretchen Magruder said...

I know, I get really excited about it when I read about other people making these amazing CVS deals....I'm trying not to go overboard!