Wednesday, June 25, 2008

women in ministry

I got to have lunch today with 2 amazing women.

Melissa Sandel from WestSide and Shana Stine from CSF/Jump for Joel. Had a great time listening to stories from both of them about some amazing things God is doing in Africa! I love listening to Shana's stories and how much she loves people our culture seems to forget about....and I love the same kind of passion Melissa has about seeing people use their strengths to serve in all kinds of roles in the Church and around the world. I'm so fortunate to be surrounded by a community of outstanding women in ministry - - every time I'm with them I feel like I gain a few more insights, get a little more excited about the ridiculous things God is doing!

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David M. Jarrett said...

Nancy Beach has a new book out called "gifted to lead" about women in ministry. She is the creative arts director from willow creek. You just made me think of that.