Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Why I'm Still Squishy

I think about exercising....I really do. I think about how uncomfortable I feel in my body lately....wondering where that extra "squishiness" comes from (as Sarah called it). I think about how, really, it wouldn't be that hard to get a plan, get active, and get in shape.

But then...

Okay, this morning, I was ready. Got out the Windsor Pilates dvds, found a spot in the livingroom, and hit "PLAY". Watched the little introduction from Ms. Windsor, and then went to select "AB Sculpting".

But, when your remote looks like this (Thanks to Max, our former dog): can't select anything in the menu. So, I watched her introduction 3 times...and turned off the tv and decided to have a brownie instead.


Bradjward said...

Where did Max go!? Sorry to hear he didn't work out. :( You need one of Bella's brothers or sisters!

Gretchen Magruder said...

uh, yeah....I neglected to blog about the day we decided that having a dog made mom really grumpy. all. the. time.

And since I do the cooking....I got to stay.

Sunita said...

Isn't the football field right behind your house? Couldn't you take your ipod , fill it up with upbeat music and walk around the track or even go biking with the girls? You could get some rollar blades and be the top mom in town . My favorite thing to do it pop in my Dancing with the Stars Cardio DVD.. Just doing the warm up makes me tired. But its a lot of fun.

shana said...

Oh Windsor Pilates. I have those tapes. On my shelf. I think I watched them...twice?

Amanda & Andrew said...

It sounds as if you were meant to have those brownies and not exercise. You shouldn't fight fate!