Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day 4

I love these boys and their sweet personalities!! As exhausted and non-productive as this week has been, we're having alot of fun!

6:15am C is up early; we head downstairs and cuddle on the couch

8:00am We're all up and ready to go....but we're not going anywhere...that's way too much work :)

10am First time taking the boys in the big took me a bit to get the confidence to do it, but they LOVED it!! Even Otis, the pug, jumped in the pool a couple of times!

11:30am Lunch - Tracy said they boys love hotdogs, but this is day 2 that Jamal has refused the hot we just gave him oreos for lunch

(c'mon, I'm kidding....what kind of mother do you think I am?!)

12:00pm The blessed nap...Sophia and I watch Camp Rock

3:00pm Both boys are up and changed and ready to play. J is back in his big boy undies and we have success on the potty chair

3:15pm J apparently had more in his bag of tricks....pees in his clean undies and all over the couch. Find upholstery cleaner and try not to be too grouchy.....

4:20pm Leaving to pick Sarah up at church camp....pack bags with drinks, bibs, diapers, wipes and the stroller....uh....the stroller.....took us about 7 minutes to figure out how to fold it up and fit it into the car

6:00pm Camp final program....boys last about 12 minutes before the squirming and whining requires us to step into the hall. They check out the bathrooms, try out the Missionary's hat and other props on his table, and more whining.

7:45pm Boys in bed. Sophia is elated to have her sister home, and Sarah is in love with the boys. I love our family!!

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