Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day 6

5:15am Baby awake.....sneak into bedroom and put special blankie back in crib.....goes back to sleep till 7am YEAH!!!

7:30am Sophia's Birthday sticky buns for breakfast!!

12:00pm Finish making Sophia's pool cake (pics to come after we get back home and I find my cord)

2:00pm 6 little girls in the pool, having a blast

6:00pm Order pizza for dinner (Sophia's choice), while Todd heads up to church to finish up his sermon

7:30pm C being very sleepy and cuddly on the couch - Boys to bed - not a peep

**Nobody peed their pants today!!!!!!! Dog didn't poop on the carpet today!!!! Tomorrow's the last day and I'm just now getting the hang of this!