Monday, July 21, 2008

The Fly Lady Was Right

My friend, Natalie, is a huge fan of the Fly Lady. The Fly Lady is all about eliminating clutter, increasing productivity, etc. One of the things Natalie used to preach about was the importance of getting dressed first thing in the morning....down to putting shoes on. THAT way, you're ready for anything, and more likely to get started on the day.

I should have listened.

We moved back into our house last night. This morning, we have laundry sorted into piles all over the floor, stacks of mail and phone messages on sorted out on the dining room table, and I'm still in my pajamas, trying to prioritize the mess. Our house looks like this:

And then. A knock at the door.

Our adoption agency social worker at the door to do a monitoring visit.

You've got to be kidding.

BUT...I didn't care*, because she also told us that our Dossier was sent to Ethiopia on Friday, and we're officially Paper Pregnant!! So we're officially on the list waiting for a referral....Woo hoo!!

*A lie - I'm still embarrassed just thinking about it


elisa said...

Yay!!!!!!!!!!! I hope we can travel together!

Irenic Seeker Mama said...

2-6 months!!! WOW!!!

I get the flylady info updates - I just haven't implemented anything yet -- sure need to!

Congrats on bein' Paper Prego!!!

Annie said...

You certainly have been patient. Congrats on your wait being "Official"! What GREAT news!!!!

a moore said...

That whole getting dressed stuff is junk! the later I stay in my pajamas the more stuff I get done. Something happens when I get dressed and then nothing happens. I'm not having any of it, I'm not getting dressed. And my rule is that the day doesn't really start until I unlock the front gate. My home is my fortress in which people don't get dressed.

LISA said...

But just think...if it's someone at your door you really don't want to see,you can say your not feeling well!!LOL!!

Jodi said...

Too funny - oh weellll, I'm so glad you are officially waiting. Hooray. Congrats on the organizing, too. I need to do a TON of that.

Anonymous said...

That is too ridiculous! I'm so happy for you guys!!! I hope to see you SOON! (but I know you're outrageously busy)

btw, my english-major mind was so intrigued by the title of your post--I saw it on facebook and had to take a look. kudos.