Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day Two

Babies up at 6:30

Plan to play outside this morning. Can't find Jamal's shoe. Search the house. Search again. tear apart house. No shoe.

Realize we can't do ANYTHING without shoes. Load kids into the car and go to Super Walmart to buy new shoes.

Jamal sees bananas in SW.......proceeds to chant "nana.....nana.....nana.....nana....nana..." for the next 20 minutes.

Get home from SW to see the dog at the front door....how'd he get out???

Put babies down for nap.....they cry/talk/yell for 20 minutes, till Sophia and I leave for the orthodontist (super-dad at home). Super-dad calls 40 minutes later and Calvin is still awake. No nap.

Super-dad does laundry and finds missing shoe in washing machine (CALVIN!!!)

Dog poops on floor

Babies go to bed. Remembered the blankie and paci this time, so Calvin's out in no time!

Super-dad takes promised late-night swim with Super-Sophia

1 comment:

Dana & Rick said...

You two are gluttons for punishment!! If you need some help,
or if you want 30 minutes to take a nap, call me and I can come over there!!