Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Adventures in Toddlers....

We're house/baby/dog sitting for our friends, the B's, while they take a bus-load of highschoolers to Big Stuff in Florida this week. Calvin and Jamal are 1 and 2 years old.....they are sweet, obedient, funny boys....So we've moved into their house for the week (since they're babyproofed much better than us), and they're keeping us on our toes!!

I've made Todd work from home this week to help me...of course, not much work is getting done...and Sophia is a super helper (Sarah Jane is at church camp)...here are the chronicles of our life this week.....


5:45am Arrive at B's house as they head out (shouldn't have gone to the drive-in last night...didn't get to bed till 2am)

6:30am Boys get up and aren't traumatized to see us there

9:20am C gets ahold of car keys and pushes panic button....takes me a good 3 minutes to figure out that it's the van in our driveway making all the racket and finally shutting it off

2:30pm Friends come to swim and chat....their 5 year old daughter splits chin open on the pool....off to the hospital

6:30pm Jenny and Emily come to rescue us and swim and play with the boys....brought pizza!!

10pm We're exhausted.....earliest night to bed all summer

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mattbortmess said...

We could drop off our four to add to the chaos...Lynda and I could use a good night's sleep!!!

btw, Aubrey was able to get things stitched up with the 'glue'...so no actual stitches!