Friday, July 04, 2008

Guest Blogger: Introducing Sarah Jane

My 9 year old really wants her own blog/facebook/twitter......I told her she could be a guest on mine....we'll see how long that satisfies her!

My sister and I decided to take old socks and we cut them up into little cute out-fits and lots of different accessories. Then we tried to fit them on our Webkinz. I have 5 of them, 3 of them are lil' kinz and 2 are Webkinz. Sophia, my sister, has 3 Webkinz, 2 are lil' kinz and 1 Webkinz. Webkinz are stuffed animals that you can buy at Judy's Hallmark or Walgreen's or at K Mart. Anyway, when we were finished we sat our parents down and did a little presentation and then brought in the models from back stage. Here's the group picture of all the models:

They look hot, don't they! Here's a close-up look at the winners...


Amanda & Andrew said...

hahaha-you crack me up!

The two winners are certainly hot :)

Dana & Rick said...

Sarah and Sophie,
Riley wants to know if you have a koala bear?? He has one if you would like to include her next time!!

krista said...

I'm impressed! I think you may have a potential money making opportunity....if your Uncle Pete hasn't already mentioned that already! =)

a moore said...

my vote goes to the dog in front with the hat and the orange shirt. he looks like he has a little sass.