Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Random Updates

The summer seems to be so random, I'm not doing a very good job of blogging....several times I've wished I had taken pictures to share with when we had dinner with the Grigsby-Rogals and their son, Mamush. Though we've only met them in person a couple of times, we are in love with this family, and are so grateful to have these Ethiopian adoption pros living so closeby! We had a great evening getting all kinds of tips about traveling and eating in Ethiopia, hair products, and adoption highs and lows. We hope to have many more get-togethers with them (and I'll remember to take pictures!)

Church Camp
Though we've gone to Lake Springfield Christian Assembly for several years, this was the first year that both girls went without parents there as counselors. This was a huge deal for Sarah Jane, who doesn't even do overnights with her very best friends. We were so excited for her when she returned from 4 nights of church camp with her very best friends....AND was named Camper of the Day!

Space Camp
Our kids are really lucky to have Nasa Janet as an aunt! She and Nana made sure that the cousins got to go to Space Camp for a few days at the Challenger Learning Center in Bloomington.A Hover craft, Nasa Janet, Stomp Rockets, lessons in how things fly, and a Mission Simulator are just a few of the highlights - - If you live near Bloomington, IL, you need to check it out!
Return of our Kenya Team
6 people from CSF (2 staff and 4 students) returned from 2 weeks in Kenya. Our campus ministry has been partnering with the orphanage in Gathiga, and it was so exciting for some of our own to get to go and put some skin on our giving!!
These are some of the happy travelers (and shuttle drivers, Erin and John)...Lindsey, Shana, Mike, Amelia, and David (Christy was already inside)....little did they know the travel "adventures" that awaited them!!

Coming up...
It's almost here...August means the National Student Conference, and the NSC means a new school year is just around the corner. That gets me excited and terrified, all at the same time! Then is Willow Creek's Leadership Summit....anybody else gonna be at the simulcast at Hope Church??


LISA said...

Wow! Busy summer!!How Great!!!

Irenic Seeker Mama said...

Look forward to seeing you again SOON!!!