Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Did anybody else have that crazy allergy test when you were growing up? I think I must have been about 10 years old...They numbered my back with a marker from 1-100 and each number was then pricked with a different potential allergen. Both arms were numbered 1-5, and those weren't just pin pricks - - they were shots (not easy for a girl who had a traumatic penicillin shot in the rear end one year on vacation in Tennessee)!

Then we waited to see what happened.

The results were crazy....I remember being told I was allergic to pretty much my whole diet - - things like white flour, tomatoes and potatoes...and then the things you'd expect, like dust and mold and pollen. We didn't change my diet at all...I didn't take any allergy medicine until after I had babies and started noticing I was affected by seasonal allergies from time to time. Whenever we get a fresh Christmas Tree I notice my hands get red and itchy...but not much else.

Last night, after we had pizza from the gas station (only the best for MY family), Sophia started complaining of an "itchy tongue".....now, my mom complains of an itchy tongue when she eats peaches, so I thought it might be a food allergy. Today when Sophia had leftovers for lunch, it was confirmed: she's allergic to the pizza.

So, the question is...how bad would a food allergy have to be to stop eating something like Pizza...or Chocolate??

Sophia says she'll live with the itchy tongue - no question!


a moore said...

my face gets an itchy feverish rash when i eat peanuts, sometimes my eye swells shut. sometimes I still can't resist vegetables with spicy peanut sauce or the occassional peanut butter cracker. sunday afternoon i had crab for the first time- i spent the rest of the day and night with a ripping headache- not sure if it was msg or a shellfish allergy, but the headache was bad enough and the crab wasn't good enough.

Mamushsky World Headquarters said...

"Itchy Tongue Pizza" - a great name for a wacky pizza shop

I had that allergy test a few years ago. Had a heckuva time gettin' the marker off

Ethiopianmomma said...

How did the dinner the other night go? We are looking forward to getting together with you all sometime soon!
Katie B.

Cheri said...

This is how I react to gluten (the crust of the pizza) it gets me that itchy feeling or in my throat..I am intolerant,not allergic. Big difference. If she reacts to other breads or other tomato products, look for patterns...or GI symptoms. Blood testing is the only true way to know, skin tests have a lot of false + findings. Cheri