Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I got this very official-looking delivery in yesterday's mail from my State Representative. I've been getting lots of attention since our paper ran an article on Mom Bloggers last week - - people saying they saw the article, or that they read my blog, or they thought this or that was funny - - so I began thinking that maybe Rep. Brauer wanted to recruit me to serve on some some special Commission on Pellet Ice or Wasting Time On The Internet Committee....after all, I worked for several years in the Illinois House Democrats (collective "gasp!!" from my friends who think Christians have to be Republicans) and sometimes wonder if I'll get back into the political world.

Inside was a laminated copy of the newspaper article and a note that says "I Saw You In The Newpaper"....a little creepy.....but very thoughtful (or...strategic might be a better word)

The funniest part was the .34 cents postage due.

Hmmmm.....do I vote for him in the next election becuase he sent the article? or vote against him because it cost me .34 cents??


Todd Magruder said...

I think you should write a letter... to someone.

a moore said...

your congressman sent you a letter postage due?! Wow. The state of Il is really on hard times