Saturday, September 06, 2008

Welcome Week @ UIS

We survived the first 2 weeks of school and had some great moments in the midst....
  • gave away a Tower of Ramen noodle cups (about 60) at the Involvement Expo and met about 180 new students!
  • Jell-O Olympics on the Quad in 95 degree heat....the green jell-o melted before the games even started. I think that'll be a science fair project for my kids - - why do certain colors melt faster? Color? Brand? Sugar-free??
  • Mike Mikulski baptized at sunset at Lake Springfield! Mike came to UIS as a "high-spirited stranger to Jesus". Last Spring I think God grabbed hold of him, this summer he went to Kenya with our team, and it's amazing to get to witness this public symbol of the inner transformation going on in Mike!

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