Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wild Goose Chase

I wanted to recommend Mark Batterson's new book, Wild Goose Chase, if you're looking for a great spiritual kick-in-the-butt. The title comes from a Celtic name for the Holy Spirit ("the wild goose") which is completely foreign to the lifeless, institutionalized Christianity we often settle for.

There's something in my soul that resonates with the idea of busting out of what's safe and to do something dangerous....but how often do fear and reason win out in my day to day life? Batterson reminds us that we were created for something more. Sometimes that requires disturbing my comfort:
He comforts the afflicted. But like a good counselor, He also afflicts the comfortable. And I came to a place in life where I was uncomfortable with my level of comfort.

And this is what it's all about....

There are moments in life when our passions and the purposes of God converge in what I call supernatural synchronicities. These are moments when we come alive. These are the moments when the sovereignty of God overshadows our incompetencies.
As one who is weary of settling for ho-hum Christianity, I loved Batterson's book as a reminder of the adventure this life is supposed to be! It's a quick read (if you're not starting a new school year!) and a good choice for starting out a new semester with a clean slate.


Dana said...

Sounds good, I need a good book for the airplane, and since I never read anything over 2nd grade
level I'll take your advice on this one.
Also I heard there have finally been some referals from Ethiopia!!
Forward progress is good!!

Ron said...

I did a review on that book recently, and I wasn't really all that impressed. My review (if you care to read) is here: