Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Shack

So I finally started reading The Shack this weekend. I have this rebellious streak in me that, when told I "should really read this book", completely avoid reading the book.

But we headed off on a CSF Canoe trip Friday afternoon, and since I wasn't driving, thought I could get some good reading time in.

Note to those thinking about reading The Shack: not a great idea to begin reading the day before you stay at a campground and go canoeing with your young daughter.

We capsized and went totally underwater in a fairly deep part of the river - - I think I scared Sarah more than the tipping did, grabbing her, even after she was already on her feet!

But 7 chapters in, it's an interesting/heart-wrenching read...


emily welch said...

yeah.. I finished it a couple weeks ago.. amazing book! And I would have done the same when you tipped your canoe. Definitely not a good book to read before going camping.. The first chapters kept me awake at night!

I LOVE YOU said...


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