Sunday, October 12, 2008


Dear Mr. Ziplock,
I don't know if you ever promised to keep my camera safe in a canoe-capsizing accident, but I've gotta say I think you gave me that impression. C'mon...the commercials with the shaking of the spaghetti sauce upside down in a baggie....magic.

So, now, after blow-drying my Ziplock-protected camera and still being unable to revive it, I'm left wondering why I ever trusted you.

Maybe I read too much into those promises you made. Maybe I should have read the warning signs. Still, I'm left with a camera that doesn't work and no pictures of this weekend's canoe trip.

I don't know who I'm more disappointed in - you, or myself for trusting you. Either way, I vow to never make the same mistake again.

See ya around....


Meg DeZutti said...

So much for "truth in advertising" Gretchen! Mr. Ziplock has let me down many times as well. I am now a huge fan of space bags. They do tend to keep their promises.
Hope you find a good doctor for CPR for the camera!

Kristin said...

That stinks! Sorry to hear about your camera!

emily welch said...

haha.. cute blog.. sucky experience! i guess you'll have to invest in an underwater camera next trip! :)