Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A year ago, my "little" brother, Ben, was diagnosed with Melanoma. He had surgery to have some removed, and then underwent 6 months of grueling chemotherapy. Through it all, I have been incredibly proud of my little bro. I've been inspired and challenged by his faith, and blown away by the way he and Chessa have faced this scary situation.

This week, he received his one year "all clear" so we're praising God for His faithfulness! Ben has held on to this John Piper quote through the ordeal :
“Faith is not simply believing that Jesus will do what he says. But it is believing that what Jesus promises is infinitely superior to possessing the whole world. Faith is not merely an agreement with facts in the head; it is also an appetite for God in the heart.”

So, are we still looking around at what the world has to offer? Or do we have an appetite for God?

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