Saturday, November 01, 2008


Let it be known....I'm not normally the dressing up kind of girl....well, not since about the 6th grade...but last night our college students decided to do Reverse Trick-O-Treating on campus. We went into the residence halls after our weekly gathering and handed bags of candy to students.

Let me just say, I was impressed with our students. They brought it. Some of my favorites....Liz and Christie came as 2 Emo girls....Vickie was a xmas tree and Amanda was God's gift to the world...Dave and Lindsey were static cling....Jessica and Katie were Peace and Quiet (hippie and a mime)....wha t a fun night!!


Amanda said...

haha-LOVE the costumes

Kristin said...

Love the one of you and Todd!

Katie said...

I just cracked up at the picture with the check, too cute.