Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Why it took me 6 months to shop for a new couch...

I am filled with indecision.

Not about everything - - small things, everyday things, what we're having for dinner, what restaurant to eat at, the schedule for the day and decisions for the girls - - I'm great at those kinds of things.

But the big stuff...stuff that involves alot of money or people or responsibility....that stuff seems to paralyze me. I don't want to make the wrong decision. I don't want to waste money or make a bad choice that affects lots of people. And so I deliberate. for a long time. I stall. I pray and ask God to make the answer clear...I compare and research and discuss. And sometimes I come to a conclusion.

The Big Red Comfy Couch at our house is amazing...one of the things I need to thank God for more often. When we bought it a few years ago we had the cash in hand, but it took me 6 months to make a decision. Seriously. I didn't want to spend too much, but I wanted it to be a quality piece of furniture....I liked the red, but a neutral color would have been much more practical....choosing pillows and fabric...I visited every furniture store in Springfield at least once and most of them more. It turned out just fine, but took forever.

I'm the same way about our car situation. I know nothing about cars - except that it's a pain when they don't run the way they're supposed to. And so, as we look at used car lots and listen to salesmen, I find myself zoning out and wishing someone else could just make this decision for me. Our super-mechanic will help, but I know Todd and I are going to have to have some faith in whatever car we end up choosing (and hopefully God will shine a spotlight down from heaven on the perfect beater for us!).

So, on election day, this Christ-follower, wife, mother, campus minister and former Illinois House Democratic Staff member finds herself somewhat undecided. I watched this John Piper video this week....and yesterday read Don Miller's blog.....all great thoughts to adding to my indecision. It's a relief to realize that since Obama will take our state anyway, I can just vote for John McCain and feel like I've got both sides covered.*

Tomorrow morning God will still be God. Thank goodness.

*kidding....please don't send me emails/comments campaigning for your candidate. I'm headed to cast lots at the polling place right now, so it's probably too late anyway :)


Meg DeZutti said...

Are you kidding Gretchen?? I know you are what our grandparents would dubb "good people" so I would never chide you. I also know you are a member of the Mamush fan club...So I would never second guess your taste in anything!! I'm just thrilled you thought and prayed about voting and really made an informed decision, no matter what that decision was.
And I love the new blog look.

And I'm dying for your court date to be assigned so I can start counting down the days until we get to set eyes on your new sweet pea!!!!!!

Bethany W. said...

I just found your blog today through thebristows.com
I had looked at your profile before, but never knew you had a blog -weird.
Like reading your thoughts on things. You and Todd have meant so much to me!

Mamushsky World Headquarters said...

I tried to watch the Piper video, but took a break once he said Obama is a radical abortion proponent...wow, not true. That after the whole woman shouldn't be commander-in-chief thing. double wow!

I'll have to watch the rest later!

Gretchen Magruder said...

yes, the Piper video is certainly one I wouldn't normally recommend to the general population. I'll be honest, there are still parts of scripture that are hard to reconcile (like male/female roles)...though the older I get, and the better I understand how marriage works, the more I understand that God's intent was for peace and order...not for oppression.

Annie said...

thanks for this post. I read quite a bit of Don Miller's blog and found it very informative. I come from a pretty conservative background and struggled, too, for a while.