Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hunger and Homelessness

We finished up Hunger and Homelessness Week at UIS with a special worship time on Friday night. Despite the beginning of the Thanksgiving break, about 30 dedicated college students spent the day fasting in support of the millions of people around the world who face real hunger on a daily basis. We broke the fast that evening with a meal of beans and rice and a time of worship. David did an outstanding job leading us through scripture after scripture about God's love for us and his love for the least of these.

I love my job. I love college students and the fire in their eyes when we talk about being who God intended for us to be. I love that these students know that they can change the world. And that I'm getting to see it happen through them.

If you missed the Kenyan Hut Exhibit, you can check out these great pictures from Jeremy Wilburn!

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Bethany W. said...


You love the "fire in the eyes" of the students - but I think that fire gets there through hearing the Word taught by people who have a passion for God! You all do great work!

You know one of the things I miss most about you, Gretchen - besides cooking and baking with you? I miss hearing you pray! I miss seeing what verses you pasted all over your house to memorize! I miss your authenticity and willingness to share your own struggles with your "kids."