Monday, November 24, 2008

Trees and Rubies

We had a great time at The Baby Fold's Festival of Trees on Saturday night! Old friends Matt Larson and Dwayne Carr performed and did a beautiful job - - Matt has this sweet James Taylor/Paul McCartney/Keith Green kind of voice, and he was kind enough to do a show for the fundraiser. Dwayne was one of Todd's college roommates, and sang at our wedding. It was fun to catch up with college friends and support my little bro, Pete, who spends much of his year preparing for this big event.

The BEST part of hte night, however, was getting to spend some time with my newest neice, Ruby!!

Anybody have some advice on how to successfully photograph dark and light people in the same light?! Better figure this one out!!
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jeremy fenelon said...

Its from the black shirts. The majority of the frame has their black shirts in it. In fact the ver middle of the frame is where cameras meter. Cameras want to make everything "grey". Notice their shirts are not deep black but washed up. Best thing to do is .... set your camera to iso 100 and move further back.
OR without camera adjustment just move back a little further. Your camera flash only has a range of like 8ft at iso 400. So at iso 100 your range is 4ft. If you are at iso 100 and love back to 6ft. your flash fall off should be sufficient and Todd would not so pale it hurts to look!
Its a flaw in the metering in just about every camera! Even my Canon 5d.

If you add a white shirt to this in the middle it would be perfect. Making white grey is done by making it darker. So it would have exposed for the highlights.

Thank you for visiting geek talk with Jeremy!

Dana said...

Hey, love the picture comment!! HAHA. Also my good friend Kristin and her husband Bryan are in the process of adopting through the Baby Fold!! I helped Kristin make
their beautiful scrapbook for the pregnant mothers to look at.
They are very happy with the way the agency has worked with them.

Gretchen Magruder said...

I think "Geek Talk with Jeremy" might be a good weekly segment on Moments of Clarity.....

Erin and Keith Sager said...

Oh Im so glad you like your decal!!!! It is so funny how many people notice it and think it's so sweet......Yes let me know when you post it and I will post it on my blog as well....Hope you had a great Turkey day......Erin