Monday, November 17, 2008

I was sorting through my digital photos this weekend and realized I never blogged about our fun evening with the African Children's Choir and our friends the Grigsby-Rogals and the Brabsons! I'm so grateful to have an online community of families who have adopted from Ethiopia, but meeting "real life" friends in the area is especially sweet. We met up with everybody (except Jim, who was tirelessly campaigning) for dinner and then went to see the Children's Choir. Moose and Mamush are both little boys who will make your heart melt - - Love these families!!

And if you're looking for some great fair-trade Christmas gifts, check out the Brabson's Bolga Basket site - - buy a beautiful basket and support their 2nd adoption!!

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Meg DeZutti said...

I think Gregg and I are going to have to move further south because there is, to my knowledge, no one in the Chicago area. We need a Mamush and Moose here too!!
Oh well, maybe we'll be the first and can be a Mamush for others.