Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Travel Shots

Today was our appointment at the SIU School of Medicine Travel Clinic. We've done lots of research about the vaccines and gotten input from families who have traveled before us.....there aren't any vaccinations that are REQUIRED to go to Ethiopia, but there are a slew of them that are recommended. I called our insurance company a few weeks ago to see if they might be covered, and was amazed to learn that they would! So, we decided if they were going to be paid for, we'd go ahead and do most of them (we're still thinking about Yellow Fever...we may go back in a couple of weeks). So, today we got Typhoid, Tetnus, Polio, Menengitis, and Hep. A and B.

I called the insurance company again, from the doctor's office, to make sure it'd be covered, but we went ahead and paid the total today and are trusting Blue Cross/Blue Shield really WILL reimburse us! Anybody wanna guess how much 11 immunizations at a travel clinic cost?? Whatever you're thinking, guess higher.......higher.....$1,560!!

These are just Todd's shots....he's thinking, "I'm gonna be really ticked if I have to pay for these..."


a moore said...

Of your list, tetanus, polio, hep A & B are almost definitely going to be covered by insurance- no problem. hep A & B are getting way to common in the states for being easily vaccinated. The Menenigitis I'd give a 95% chance on coverage- again, school age kids are getting it too often. The Typhoid I would say would be your only dicey one, that and yellow fever. I'd get it in writing before doing Yellow Fever if you're really concerned about the payout.

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