Friday, March 27, 2009

100% Money Back Guarantee

Are you one of those people who sends your food back if it's not right? Do you return products that don't meet your standards? I am often indignant about marketplace injustices or bad service....but typically, I either don't want to rock the boat or seem like a whiner, or I'm just too lazy to do anything about it.

"I'm going to write them a letter...", I often threaten. Of course, I never do, but I think about it. I think about what I would say, how I would convey my frustration/outrage/disapproval in a way that is polite, yet firm (and maybe clever). After 17 years of marriage, my husband teases me by suggesting, "you're going to write them a letter, right?"....knowing that I never follow through.

But pushed to the brink this morning I called Meijer's Corporate to let them know about my extreme frustration with......."personal products". Yes, that's code for Tampons. And in the course of the conversation with the very nice customer service rep, I actually heard myself use the phrase "bane of my existence" in reference to said personal products.

It's not about the money. I didn't have the receipt and didn't expect a refund. I just felt like it was important for some "tampon engineer" in some office to understand that his/her product is causing me uneccesary frustration. It's bad enough for any woman to actually have to use a tampon, but to use a crappy one - uncalled for.

To their credit, the Meijer lady was very nice and offered to send a refund.

I feel so empowered.......I think I may move on to calling the DVR customer service rep next....


Meg DeZutti said...

YOU ROCK Gretchen!! WOW, hero of the week for me. That's amazing! We should all gather our inner strength, our inner diva and do the right thing, the "justice" thing more often. thanks for speaking out for all of us.

Amanda and Co. said...

I'm glad you finally picked up the phone and called! It's true-often times it's not about refunds, but it's the principle of the matter. I'm sorry you had frustrations with their tampons. Hopefully they'll take your complaint to heart and look into it. I worked for Meijer when I was a teen and I'm sad to say that when I got complaints, they had me write them down and they went into a file somewhere. I doubt anyone ever looked at them. :(

Cheri said...

There comes a time in life where we learn to speak. I was always too "nice" but frustrated. It is not, "not nice" to express yourself. How you do it is important and empowering. It is also not genuine to pretend you are happy when you are not. While I am proud of you for taking up the cause of better feminine hygiene products(hee hee), I am prouder of you for finding your voice.
When I entered my 40's, it was much easier. In situations like this, you are one person, but others will experience the same issues and hopefully will raise their voices too. I have been the ringleader many times in the past, in situations that were clearly fraud and in some incidents unsafe, so I spoke up. My favorite line when someone tries to blow me off is "I am sorry but that is unacceptable and I need to speak to your supervisor." Do that a few times and see what happens.
As my grandma used to say, "right will always win out."

a moore said...

the only time i've really called to complain was when i found that wal-mart pharmacy had sold me a year's supply of birth control pills and 8 months of them expired before the year was out. i called them because my routine blood iron check in Africa came back five times higher than safe levels. i actually waited an extra 2 weeks to verify the results in US and have another check done. we never did find out what happened but i can say wal-mart was only to happy to refund the year and make phone calls to africa.