Thursday, April 09, 2009


Okay, I take some good-natured flack from some of my friends and family for things like practicing Lent even though we're not Catholic, and incorporating things like Passover into our Easter celebrations.

But here's what the Jews got that we often miss.....the importance of REMEMBERING what God has done for us. Every year, they set aside time to remember and celebrate how God delivered them out of slavery in Egypt....the calling of Moses, the plagues, and finally, the lamb's blood that caused death to Pass-Over their doors while the first-borns all around them were dying.

Maybe it's significant that the Passover meal is the context for Jesus preparing his disciples for what's going to happen next. Perhaps Jesus wanted them to have the image of a lamb sacrificed fresh in their minds as he told them about how the Son of Man would have to die.

The Passover story is our story....just as the Good Friday and Easter stories are ours. We have been delivered by the blood of the Lamb. We were captives to addictions, despair, hopelessness, brokenness.....and God has rescued us...over and over again. Maybe remembering where we've been and what He's done will make this Good Friday even more significant.

Once again, I pull out Andrew Peterson's "Behold the Lamb of God"...

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The Williams Family Blog said...

ok, so I just read your previous post to scott, and am just sitting here crying. wow.
anyway, just wanted you to know that I really appreciated this post as well. things I often think about but have yet to implement in our home. you've inspired me to do so!