Sunday, May 10, 2009

Flippin' Forty Birthday

My much older friend, Apryl, decided to celebrate her 40th birthday in a very Apryl way....

She hosted a party for her girlfriends at the gym where she teaches pre-school tumbling. You have to know Apryl...she's one of the funniest, quirkiest, most creative, free-spirited people I know, and over the years she has loved me like a true friend. Apryl has been my walking partner at times, accountability partner at times (though I ignored her text when she suggested we be accountable to eachother for everything we eat in a day...), parenting and educational advisor (she's a Montessori teacher), and an inspiration always.

It took a few minutes to let our guards down, but I've gotta say that the Flippin Forty party was a hoot - as she put it, "lots of giggling and jiggling!!

Everyone needs an Apryl in their life!


Amanda and Co. said...

Haha! What a blast! :)

AprylMay said...

I had so much fun! I have such a great group of friends. In many years when you turn 40 I wonder what we could do?
from your much older friend,

David Kendall said...

What a great time I had watching the "girls" get gymnastic. You are an amazing woman Apryl Kay... Mt Dew. Now what will I do for my 40th Birthday.... Hmmm.