Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Teeth and Tinkerbell

Selah has an AMAZING amount of English vocabulary in just 3 short months here, but there are some things we just don't even try to discuss with her. A giant Bunny hiding eggs and baskets on the day Jesus came back from the dead?

Yeah, so I kinda figured it'd be less complicated/disturbing to not do any of the Santa-Easter Bunny-Tooth Fairy stuff with Selah. Our older children, however, couldn't resist to tell Selah about the Tooth Fairy when one of her teeth got wiggly. She had just seen the movie Peter Pan this weekend with Nana, so Sarah explained that the Tooth Fairy was like Tinkerbell.

Last night, when Selah excitedly presented us with her tooth in a little ring box, we knew we had to go through with it.

This morning, she shot down the stairs saying, "Mom! Tinkerbell come on!!!" (translation: Tinkerbell came!)

Here is some video of her trying to get her tooth out. The other tooth was already coming in behind this one, so the dentist had told her it was pretty important to get that loose one out and she took the task seriously!

After watching this, I think I'm gonna go clean my bathroom mirror....ick


elisa said...

Aghhhh, when I taught 2nd grade the kids thought it was hilarious that loose teeth freaked me out. So one day I had 5 kids pull teeth out and have to go to the nurse...lol. Love the videos, we want more!

Missy said...

She is soo cute!! Love the video camera...gotta get one soon!!!

Nico said...

That's really cool that you've enrolled her in school already- morning kindergarten at that. After you'd told me about the adoption, I was really thinking that you probably wouldn't start Selah off to morning kindergarten untill the fall. So late in the 2009 school year, though? Is she going to have to repeat kindergarten this fall, or will she start 1st grade?