Saturday, June 06, 2009

Vacation Deoderant

We just returned from our first real trip/vacation as a family of 5. The annual NACCM Campus Minister's Retreat at McCormick's Creek State Park in Indiana. Our girls love this retreat and look forward to seeing some of their friends every year, and Todd and I get a chance to reconnect with other campus ministers from across the country. Had a nice time playing with friends, hiking and swimming. We worked through some challenging teachings with Alan Hirsch (author of The Forgotten Way and Re-Jesus) about what Church really is and what it means to be a Missional community.

We had a great time with minimal melt-downs or glitches....but, whew, it's alot of work and packing!

15 outfits
10 pairs of shoes (1 for hiking, 1 for the pool)
5 toothbrushes
4 stuffed animals
snacks, books, dvd (which jammed before they could ever watch it) for the van, sunscreen, Alan Hirsch (our speaker)'s book for autographing, crayons and coloring books, children's tylenol and allergy medicine (just in case)....

1 deoderant - - why is it always my stuff that gets forgotten?!

And though I like how my husband was nice to get back to my own floral scent when we got home!


Jennie said...

Hello there!

We leave for McCormick's Creek on Wed., to go camping for a few days. It is less than an hour from our house!!! Wouldn't that have been wild to be there at the same time and have run into each other! : )Hana and Bereket would have loved seeing Mastewal Selah again!! Let us know if you head over this way again and we can work out a meet up! Jennie C.

mark said...

Todd & Gretchen,
Since my comment did not seem to make it to David & Lindsay's blog, if this works, YOU will have the amazing honor of receiving my FIRST blog comment EVER! I had a wonderful time with you guys at the NACCM retreat. THANK YOU for letting me join you. I'm already looking forward to next year! I hope you took good notes Thursday night. I can't wait to hear what Alan had to say that night. See you Sunday.