Thursday, July 09, 2009

A day at the Fair...

Are you feeling bombarded yet? I haven't been blogging much, but I guess having a dog get me up at 5:30am is making me extra productive....

Last year I was invited to be a Culinary Judge at the Christian County Fair. I was so excited....until about I cut into about the 12th banana bread. There was SO much food to judge, and even though we only tasted a few crumbs of each, it left me feeling sick for about 36 hours.

So this year when they invited me back, I had to think about it.....then I remembered the $100 paycheck and great blogging material and cheerfully agreed! But, I was much smarter this year. I chugged some Pepto before the contest in order to protect my stomach a little better. I'm pretty sure real judges don't do that kind of thing, though, because I kept burping pink pepto all day, probably interfering with the tastes of the foods.

There were probably only 1/3 of the entries from last year so the day went quickly and my co-judge, Apryl, and I felt great when it was all over. Here's a little video from the day:



Bethany W. said...


I enjoyed the video. It was good to see you ladies again!


emily louise said...

Should of ate ALL the fudge! No pacing! :)