Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What You Don't See.....

Here's what you don't see in this lovely family picture.....
  • It's went to bed at 2am because we were at the drive-in
  • Social worker will be here in 1 hour and I still have to upload to and go pick this print up before he comes - how can it be that we don't have a picture of our entire family taken in the last 3 months??
  • Our post-placement adoption report is due to our adoption agency on Thursday. Social worker has been on vacation. No way it will be done on time.
  • 10 minutes ago someone threw a bouncy ball in the living room and shattered the glass window on the's being held together by a starburst pattern of tape
  • Todd's wearing his dress shoes with his shorts "I want to be taller than you..."
  • This is the 3rd outfit Selah has put on for this picture


Nico said...

Hey- I hope it all went well. What grade will Selah be in this coming school year?

Gretchen Magruder said...

Haha....we survived! Selah will be in 1st grade this Fall.

Dana said...

You guys are so funny. Seems like something is always going wrong on the SW visit day!! I always feel "guilty" for the posing of pictures and family activities that go into these "reports."
It seems so..... fixed?? I wonder if they care what is really happening with your families adjustment or do they just want to hear how wonderful everything is.
Our one year will be due on October 6th, I better start e-mailing Frank now!!LOL