Friday, August 14, 2009

IL State Fair reviews....

Something like Lewis and Clark, we traversed across alleys and one-way streets, winding through crowds of people, State Fair runners, around barracades, till we finally reached the Vic's Pizza parking lot - the promised land!! Had a fun time at the parade with friends, got lots of candy and other junk, saw the Rochester Marching band, and enjoyed a late night at the fair. Some reviews:

  • Best parade kid give-away: Springfield Senior Assisted Living - Hannah Montana/High School Musical Pens!
  • Best parade adult give-away: Tie - - Culver's Free scoop coupon and Fusion free bottles of vitamin water
  • Best parade evangelism: BMIC's fire engine is always great fun, and there were other great groups in the parade, but Real Life Church's bottled water give-away was a great example of meeting a real need on a hot day. Those water bottle cozys will stick around alot longer than a track.
  • Most entertaining entry: Jesse White Tumblers
  • Favorite Fair ride: The Giant Slide!
  • Favorite Fair Food: Mini donuts (This might be shocking for some of you to hear....I'm coming to realize that I get much of the same taste as an elephant ear, but in a much more manageable shape/size!)


Anonymous said...

I don't know about that last one... the Elephant Ear is still a big favorite for our family. Maybe we should have a donut/ear face-off!

Nico said...

I was actually at the Kick off parade last night. I was walking with the UIS College Republicans. Boy, was that ever exhausting!!! I was given the option of riding in the wagon; however I chose to walk the route. At the time, none of our group realized how long the parade route actually was.
Today, it was then back to the fair with the Mary Bryant Home. I ate a foot-long hot dog, followed
Iby riding the Sky Ride all around the venue. I recommend that ride if you're not afraid of being up high, and like being in a swing.

Mamushsky World Headquarters said...

fun! Hey, the bubble photo is so cute! have you considerred entering, if you haven't already, in the photoblog contest?? There is a link on my blog, for I entered for the first time. The theme is Bubbles :)

good wishes to you all! hearts!