Thursday, September 10, 2009

Have a Six Flags Labor Day!

We had a fantastic, jam-packed Labor Day weekend with The Edge on Friday night with lots of new students, a family reunion in Palestine, Illinois on Saturday, and our first family trip to Six Flags St. Louis on Sunday. At the end of the weekend, I was amazed to look back and realized we had survived it with no major melt-downs or emergencies....apparently we're making progress as a family :)

I've got lots more video footage to share of the Palestine festivities, but first here's a taste of Six Flags.

*Note the difference in Sarah at the beginning and the end of the video when the rides finally caught up with her and she turned a little green!


Anonymous said...

The sounds effects description from Sophia....WAY too funny! What an awesome day that was :) Glad we got to hang with you all!

Emily said...

number one: sophie is hilarious..ha
number two: i liked Todd's icecream comment.
number three: Sarah is such a sweetheart.. :)