Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What am I willing to do in order to grow?

On Career Day in Kindergarten, Sarah Jane told us she wanted to be an artist. 6 years later, she still loves drawing superheroes or animals at the table with her dad, and I'm starting to think that she really might end up being an artist.

A few months ago, Sarah made a decision that she wanted to get better at drawing. So she told me that she made a committment to herself: Every night, she pulls out her "How to Draw Anything" book and practices drawing one animal or insect or car. She's already filled a whole notebook with her dated drawings, each one getting a bit better than the previous one.

She draws every night because she loves drawing. But she also draws every night because she wants to improve, she wants to learn.

Her commitment got me thinking about spiritual growth. I long to learn to hear God's voice more clearly, to know Him more intimately and completely. So if that's really my priority, it stands to reason that I'd do everything I can to work towards that - spending time in the Word and practicing spiritual disciplines that train my ears to distinguish His voice.

Is your relationship with God important enough to motivate you to make a commitment to seeking him? Not just "I wish" or "I should", but "I want to".....?

What are you doing to get better at your relationship with God? How are you practicing hearing God's voice?


hdogccc99 said...

Thanks. Needed that one.

The Williams Family Blog said...

love it!! thanks for the refreshing thought!

Emily said...

very nice Mamagruder.. I can relate on both accounts :)