Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Adoption Day! (again)

What's Adoption Day?

The day the judge in Ethiopia officially named us Selah's parents? The day we came home and became a family of 5? The day the judge in Sangamon County approves the adoption? You pick...

Monday was our official re-adoption hearing in Sangamon County. My dad came down to serve as our attorney and it was a very simple proceeding. There was a guardian ad litem who had been appointed to represent Selah - he told the judge he had no reservations about the adoption. The judge listened to my dad ask Todd and I a few questions. And then it was over.

The judge invited Selah to come up and sit in his seat for some photos, then posed with us, and even took one so Poppi could be in the picture. I had a gift card to Coldstone Creamery, so we celebrated before we took the girls back to school.

People have asked, "okay, NOW are you done with adoption stuff?!" Well, we've still got an application for Citizenship we're waiting on, and tomorrow I'm going to vital records to get a birth certificate...then we need a Social Security card....but as far as social workers and judges and court proceedings go, I think we're done!

Monday night, as I was putting her to bed, Selah asked when we were going to have another party. "You know, where people come and bring me presents?!"

Can't blame her for trying!


Mamushsky World Headquarters said...

yay! I'll come over and bring a present!! :)

Suzanne Stem said...


Michelle said...

Smart girl! I'm glad you guys are done w/the lawyers and court proceedings now.

Dana said...

What a journey right? I'm so glad that everything is finally "final."
The five of you make a wonderful family.

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Jerry said...

Kongeye Family !