Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Where we're from.....Wabash River Stick in the Mud

Todd's grandad and hero died last week. We spent the weekend in Palestine, IL with family....looking through pictures, telling stories, and remembering how our lives have been shaped by this great man. And though he's not my grandad by blood, the way he's helped form the character of my husband and children will forever change our family tree.

Where We're From
We are from crossword puzzles, from Starlight mints in the Mayor's hand, and a harmonica that sounds like a dog barking.

We are from the house on North Jackson, white front porch, a soundtrack of trains in the background.

We are from the Wabash River, peaches from the trees and chicken and noodles.

We are from Christmas Oyster Soup, Granny's jiggly arms, Aunt Ruth, from Maddox and Adams.

We are from a family who find our way back to the Pioneer City for Labor Day weekend every year, covering every inch of the floors with mattresses and handmade quilts and feather pillows.

From corny jokes and silly songs.

We are from the Christian Church, old wooden church pews, and nursing home visits for bingo and angel food cake.

We are from Palestine, Illinois, home of the Pioneer City Rodeo, fried catfish and peach pie.
From the man who held the horse for John Wilkes Booth, Aunt Ruth's can collection, and a great-grandfather named Napoleon.

We are from an old wooden banister, perfect for sliding down, from jars of marbles and auction treasures. From hand sewn quilts for every baby or wedding, and a safe in the bathroom closet. From a Wabash River stick-in-the-mud.

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