Thursday, March 04, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I've lost that blogging feeling.

Partly because it's been a little busy around here. Partly because I'm lacking creativity and inspiration. So instead of posting something witty or whiny or wise....

Thankful Thursday
  • Thankful for a fireplace (gas) that starts without kindling and newspaper
  • Thankful I have children (well, at least one) who feel truly repentant when they mess up and model (for me) how to apologize well
  • Thankful for God's redemption of His people through a crazy system of sacrifices in the OT, but....
  • ....Thankful I'm done with reading Leviticus on my reading plan
  • Thankful for great co-workers
  • Thankful for the cash envelope system - even though it's really hard
  • Thankful for a husband who does the dishes & cleans the kitchen before he leaves every morning
  • Thankful I get to be home when my kids get off the bus
  • Thankful for health insurance
  • Thankful for music...and to see my kids fall in love with music
  • Thankful for great friends...really....stick-with-you-thru-anything friends
  • Thankful to see the Holy Spirit working in and thru college students
  • Thankful for my ipod and listening to music in the morning again
  • Thankful for our small group and the great families in it
  • Thankful for TiVo
  • Thankful for CSF alumni who check in and update us on what God is doing in their lives
  • Thankful I have a dad who's an attorney and can draft stuff for free :)
  • Thankful Selah's adoption will be final on monday
  • Thankful for CSF board members and supporters who call and email and most importantly, PRAY.

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mama mia said...

We must be on the same reading plan because I just finished Leviticus as well. So grateful it's over - literally!