Saturday, May 22, 2010


We've finally decided it's time to part with our tag-along bikes. You know - the ones you attach to mom or dad's bike with a 3rd wheel? We've got 2 of them we used with the girls when they were younger so we could take them out on longer rides on the Lost Bridge Bike Trail. When we bought them, we knew it would be just a short time before they grew out of them and we'd want to re-sell them. So here we are, 6 years later, and the bikes are still in the garage. They're great bikes! Well...except for the rust forming on the handlebars and the fact that we've lost the mounting hardware for one. Man, those were great bikes. And when we put them away, they were in fantastic shape.

That's why it ticks me off that we've neglected them, shoved in the back of the garage, and lost the parts to make them useful. How old do I have to be to start doing a better job of taking care of my stuff?

How many times do we do that with our faith? Take something that's been working all year long, and put it on a shelf in the garage. We don't intend to leave it there long, but before you know it, the whole summer has passed and you haven't really done anything with it. It gets a little rusty...cobwebs form in the spokes, and we misplace some of the pieces that have been making it work...things like journaling, having a set time to meet with God, small groups, or being in intentional community.

The summer is just starting. How are you taking care of your faith? What are you going to do with it this summer? What kind of Fall would it be if we didn't have to dig our faith out of a closet, clean it off, and find the missing parts before the school year starts again?

My college student've had a week or two to veg on the couch and sleep till noon. But this is the week to get serious about making this the best summer ever! Pick up a few books on your summer reading list, start a summer bible reading plan, commit to grow with a group of friends this summer....the CSF Summer Small Group kicks off with a cookout this Thursday at the Magruder House!

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