Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Parenting in the trenches

We had World War III at our house last night.

Accusations, emotions, admissions, and feelings seemed to spew from all directions. Though calm on the outside, my dear husband knew I was close to the tipping point and stepped in.

Just as statements like "I need a family that actually loves me" were being said, he calmly dismissed me from the room and took over. It's hard to even describe the emotions a parent experiences. So incredibly saddened to think that one of your children could feel that way.....but so fiercely angry that Satan would fill her head with those kinds of lies. As I prayed on the front porch, I wondered how we in the world we'd come back from this....when so firmly entrenched in indignance.

And in what seems to be just seconds later, the door swings open and in the moonlight I see the tears running down her face as she crawls up into my lap and sobs, "I'm sorry, mom!"

Healing happens.

What made her break? What did he say to her up in that bedroom? I can't wait to hear about his magic parenting techniques....

Later, when I asked, he couldn't remember.

It figures. It'd be too easy if I knew the secret parenting trick. Then I wouldn't be so desperate for the Holy Spirit to fill in my cracks, renew my strength, and show us His beauty.

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Stephanie said...

Hugs. Glad Todd knew the trick.