Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Babysitting Bulletpoints: Day 1

We get the special privilege this week of staying with our youth minister's 3 adorable boys while their parents take 90+ students to a BigStuff conference in Florida. The boys' ages are 4, 3, and 1, plus Sophia and Selah, the dog, Otis, and the pool :)

But because of said boys (and the rest), bullet points is all you get this week....
  • Corndog sticks make for an awesome band of drummers
  • Bellybuttons never get old.....always good for laughs
  • Your kids may beg you to sleep with the dog, but they're always better in the crate (the dog, that is)
  • Knowing how to turn off the Panic Alarm on the van is a good idea (D & T, sorry for making your neighbors hate you!)
  • You bite me, I bite you back
  • Mothers of young children do more before 10am than the rest of us do all day
  • Sometimes a few weeks of weight training is a good idea before a babysitting gig
  • Dustin and Tracy have 3 of the sweetest little boys ever!


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