Wednesday, August 04, 2010

friends for a reason, a season or a lifetime

Our life is a little like a revolving door.

We get to meet students at a really impressionable time of their lives. We go for walks and hang out watching Monday night football. We have dinner parties, read books together, talk about God and life.....and then, after we've formed deep, intimate relationships with many of these friends, they leave.

My family is so incredibly blessed to have this huge extended family of students and former students. Sometimes I struggle with how to continue to be a good friend to so many different people as they move on. Of course, it isn't reasonable to think that our relationships can remain the same as they leave town, get jobs, start families, etc....but we do our best to preserve those friendships in different ways. Some we see around town, we share meals together, we stay connected on facebook or twitter, and we always look forward to seeing friends at the CSF Celebration Dinner every year!

Recently, we met at the Decatur Zoo with some former students and great friends, Mark and Kim Koon. Mark and Kim were students in our campus ministry and went on one of our early Casas por Cristo trips with us, falling in love with that ministry and eventually going to serve there for many years. They recently returned to the area, and we love getting to see their family more often.

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