Sunday, August 01, 2010

Passport to Purity

You know those moments when you look up and it seems like your kids grew up overnight? I had several wake-up calls this summer....bra shopping, teaching a daughter to shave her legs, and 2 of my girls sharing the same shoe-size as me were just a few.

I started looking for some new resources to use with the girls, and several friends suggested Family Life's Passport to Purity. Sarah and I loved this mother/daughter get-away! We picked St. Louis as our weekend destination and got tickets to see Wicked. In between adventures at the St. Louis Arch and the hotel pool and the theater, we listened to the cds on topics like peer pressure and dating and the inevitably awkward "mechanics" talk. Yes, there was some eye-rolling, but we laughed about the awkwardness and in the end, I felt like the resource did a great job of not just conveying information, but helping Sarah and I connect on a deeper level and be intentional about doing something fun together.

Daughter #2 is already planning where we'll go when it's time for HER Passport to Purity weekend!


Debs said...

Man I am so blessed to see you be a mom and love your kids. I think that you are awesome and God has placed you perfectly into so many college girls lifes. Love you!

Emily Louise said...

Can I be your daughter so I can go to wicked? And talk about the "mechanics" and be awkward with you?

Gretchen Magruder said...

Emily, yes...but you are my adult daughter, so now you pay for the tickets in gratitude for all I've done for you as your mom.....and I'll share the mechanics with you as soon as you're ready for pre-marital counseling :)