Monday, October 18, 2010

Count-down to 40

When I was in my teens, my mom spoke these prophetic words to me....."in our family, the women all need glasses when they turn 40". A few years ago I had my eyes checked and the doctor said I was marginal - - my vision wasn't perfect, but not really bad enough for glasses. He said he'd give me a prescription if I wanted one, but I thought, "meh, I'll just hold off till I'm 40..I'll need 'em then anyway."

So here we are, creeping up on turning 40, and at dinner I found myself holding the dressing bottle farther away as I tried to read the ingredients. Then there's the occasional eye strain and mild headaches....real? or just self-fulfilling prophecy?


Jonathan said...

My eye doc brought up the dreaded "bifocals" at my last appointment. I'm holding off until 40 for those.

Emily Louise said...

I don't know.. but if you get glasses.. the ones in the picture are super awesome.. :)

Todd Magruder said...

You always have to be just like me... Neh!