Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bible reading plan confessions

I'm a girl who likes a plan. I like to have a goal, cross stuff off lists, gauge my progress.....and much of the spiritual growth I've experienced has come out of plans like this. It's not about limiting God to a plan, but using plans as a tool to get myself to a place where I can listen to God.


I've been a total bible reading plan flake this year.

I started wanting to do a Chronalogical read through the bible, but got held up way back in Joshua. If I didn't have my Chronalogical Bible with me, I was never really sure where to read... Then I thought maybe I needed some extra audio input, and switched over to the Daily Audio Bible. Loved it, but was easily distracted by the different translations used every week (probably one of the things I loved most in the beginning). Lately I've just been reading here and there, sometimes with purpose, sometimes to whatever seemed to jump out on the page.

Flakey. Uninspired. Restless. Ultimately....Lazy.

So when I read about a Nativity Fast on a friend's blog, it got me kind of excited. Our family has really begun enjoying our Lenten Fasts - just a time to spiritually prepare for the holiday. I suppose this might be something like an advent tradition.

Here's the deal. Beginning Nov. 14th, it's 40 days to read through the entire New Testament. Reading Revelation on Christmas Day? Why not?

I'm gonna do it. Call me out if you see me slacking off. It's not about the plan or about checking the boxes. It's about discipline and transformation and listening and obeying.

And if you wanna join me, we can have coffee and talk about what we're reading :)

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