Monday, November 22, 2010

Sing-a-long Messiah

When I was growing up, I spent alot of time listening to my mom sing Alto. At First Baptist Church, there wasn't typically childcare during choir practice, so either Chris Clemmons and I would play hide-and-seek in the dark sanctuary, or I'd be sitting next to my mom (or maybe I had to sit next to my mom because we had been been playing in the sanctuary....).

At Thanksgiving time, we often attended a community Sing-a-long Messiah. Hundreds of people showed up on a Sunday afternoon with their own musical score, were directed to the appropriate section, and, without rehearsal, sang Handel's Messiah as a majestic choir.

I sat with my mom. And some of her friends. I followed along the music a little, but mostly remember looking around at all of those people....and the stained glass from whatever church hosted the event...and watching the soloists, amazed at how they contorted their mouths when they sang.

When I went to college, the choir I was in performed Handel's Messiah at our Christmas concert. At the time, I had this newly personalized faith, and I was blown away by the beautiful theology of each piece of music, telling the story of our sin and rebellion and of God's great love for us.

Maybe that's why, every time I hear Handel's Messiah I get incredibly emotional. This is one of 2 "Flash Mob" videos I've seen this week, and I cried at both. Enjoy....and if you hear of a Sing-a-long Messiah in your community I hope you'll go...and maybe sit with your mom.

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Chessa said...

I Love the Messiah too! And I have fond memories of attending the concert as a child (well, maybe when I was young I didn't think it was so great), But I sure do appreciate it now. I get all emotional listening to it as well. What a fun thing for you to do with your mom!