Tuesday, December 21, 2010

If You Give a Woman New Carpeting....

I tried explaining to my husband this week how you can't "just get new carpeting". Any other women have this illness?!

If you give a woman new carpeting...

She's going to want to paint the walls first.

And when she starts thinking about painting the walls, it's going to make her realize the the popcorn ceiling is really ugly and should be painted as well.

But when she imagines the freshly painted ceiling and walls, she thinks that crown molding would look nice in the room.

The rest of the trim in the room wouldn't match the new crown molding, so that would need to be painted, too.

Once the carpet and painting are done, she's going to feel like the couch could use some sprucing up, perhaps with new throw pillows.

And when the livingroom is all done....

it's going to remind her that she could use new flooring in the rest of the house!

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Mom~Mommy~Mama said...

Oh so true! ;-)